1. City Administrator's Office

    The City of San Luis operates under a council and manager form of government with executive members representing various department heads.

    1. Public Affairs

      The Public Affairs Office's primary goal is to keep the community informed about city matters and news that may impact them.

  2. City Clerk's Office

    The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the records of the city as well as city elections.

    1. Agendas & Minutes

    2. Agendas & Minutes Older than June 5, 2015

    3. Ordinances

    4. Resolutions

    5. Elections

  3. Community Development

    The Community Development Department handles economic development programs and is responsible for securing funds for city projects through grants and loans.

    1. Business Incentives

      Business incentives for start-up and expanding businesses.

    2. Demographics

    3. Site Selection

      Land and building inventory within the city limits.

    4. Visitors

      Attractions in our greater border community.

    5. Business Incubator Program

      Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Office Space available in the San Luis area.

    6. Grants

  4. Facilities Department

  5. Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for handling all financial affairs of the city and providing financial information to both the citizens and customers of the City of San Luis.

    1. Budget

      Check out the operating budgets for all estimated revenues and expenses for the City of San Luis.

    2. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

      Review a detailed report of the city's actual revenues and expenditures for a specific fiscal year.

    3. Annual Expenditure Limitation Report (AELR)

    4. Investments

      View a list of type of investments the city is authorized to use.

    5. Open Book Transparency Database

      Use this public database on the State of Arizona website to access information on how tax dollars are spent.

    6. Risk Management

      The Risk Management Department works to ensure the safety of its employees, staff, as well as the general public with maximum protection to prevent financial loss of city property.

    7. Taxes

      View information about the sales tax imposed by the City of San Luis.

    8. Bids

  6. Fire Department

    The Fire Department works to provide safety and security for lives and property in the San Luis community.

    1. Emergency Vehicles

      Learn about the vehicles utilized by the fire administration staff, the Hazardous Materials Response Team, and the Emergency Medical Services personnel.

    2. Fire Department Services

      Learn about the services provided by the Hazardous Materials Response Team, the Fire Protection Services, and the Emergency Medical Services of the San Luis Fire Department.

    3. Mission, Vision & Goals

      Read about the Fire Department's mission, vision and goals to protecting lives and property.

  7. Fleet Services

  8. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department strives to assist city employees with management, education and training, consulting, and more.

    1. E-Verify Program

      This law requires all Arizona businesses to verify employment eligibility of all hired employees.

    2. Employment Opportunities

      Find a list of available city job and employment opportunities.

  9. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department handles the citywide network, technology communication and equipment, and website for the City of San Luis.

  10. Municipal Court

    The Municipal Court works to ensure that individuals appearing before the court or are seeking services from the court are treated equally, impartially, and fairly.

  11. Office of the City Attorney

  12. Parks & Recreation

    The Parks and Recreation Department oversees the aquatic center, youth center, culture center, and parks of the City of San Luis.

    1. Aquatic Center

      The San Luis Aquatic Center offers party reservations, swimming lessons, and open swim times.

    2. Cultural Center

      The cultural center offers variety of classes in art, dance and music throughout the week.

    3. Parks & Ramadas

      Check out a list of parks, retentions, and ramadas located in San Luis.

    4. Recreation Activities

      View a list of upcoming recreation activities.

    5. Youth Center

      The San Luis Youth Center offers boxing, dance, and other programs for youth ages 8 - 21.

    6. Activities

    7. 4th of July Sponsorship

      Become a 4th of July Sponsor

  13. Planning & Zoning

    The Planning and Zoning Division oversees city growth while maintaining the property rights of the citizens.

    1. Development Services

      The Development Services Department oversees planning and zoning as well as business licenses for the City of San Luis.

    2. Licensing Division

      The Licensing Division handles business licenses, transportation licenses, and yard sale licenses.

  14. Police Department

    Check out information about the San Luis Police Department including Crime Stoppers, safety tips, and police records requests.

  15. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is made up of the Streets Division, Solid Waste Division, Water Division, and the Waste Water Division.

    1. Building Safety Division

      The Building Safety Division inspects buildings, structures, and construction sites for compliance with local, state and federal laws.

    2. Solid Waste Division

      The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the residential trash collection service, special pickup services, and the Neighborhood Cleanup Campaign.

    3. Streets Division

      The Streets Division provides general maintenance and repair to city streets, signs, and traffic control.

    4. Wastewater Division

      The Waste Water Division maintains and responds to problems related to waste water collection, odor control, and treatment.

    5. Water Division

      The San Luis Water Division handles all problems related to water distribution, treatment, and customer complaints.

  16. Senior Services

    The Senior Services Department provides transportation, daily activities, and educational courses for San Luis senior citizens.

  17. Utilities Department

    The Utilities Department provides customer billing and services to the City of San Luis.

    1. Emergency Utility Service

      Find contact information in case of an after hours, weekend, or holiday request for utility services.

    2. Forms, Fees & Rates

      Check out a list of frequently used forms for the Utilities Department including termination of services, new contracts, deposit waiver form, and more.

    3. New Accounts

      Find out how to set-up an account for new utility service in San Luis.

    4. Policies & Regulations

      Find out about the policies and regulations concerning terminating utility services as well as information about security deposits.

    5. Service Hold Request

      If you are going out-of-town for more than 3 months and will not be occupying your property, file an Out of Town affidavit to abate the monthly fee during your absence.

    6. Utility Bills

      Find out about utility bills, methods of payment, payment timelines, and late penalties.