Boards & Commissions

Serving the City of San Luis
The City Council appoints residents to boards, commissions, and corporations that provide detailed study and recommendations on important policy matters. With the assistance of dedicated groups, the City Council is able to give many complex and significant matters full review.

Recruitment & Application Process
The boards and commissions stay active year round and recruitment is an ongoing process. Interested candidates may submit an application by mail, email, or in person. All applications and recommendations will be logged, filed, and will be used to establish an eligibility list.

Once candidates are selected to interview, the City Council and city staff will make the final recommendation. Once candidates are approved for appointment, they and the board's contact are notified by phone. All appointments receive an:
  • Appointment letter from the City Council and the director of boards and commissions
  • Oath of office
  • Updated board roster
How to Apply
The City of San Luis is strongly committed to citizen participation in government. We offer many opportunities to become involved and have a voice in community affairs.

To apply, please fill out a completed Boards and Commission Member Application and a brief letter explaining your desire to serve the City of San Luis Boards and Commissions by email or mail to the following address:
City of San Luis
Attention: Sonia Cornelio, City Clerk
1090 E. Union St.
San Luis, AZ 85349

City of San Luis Boards & Commissions

  • Industrial Development Authority
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board of Review
  • San Luis Civic Improvement Corporation
  • San Luis Corporation for the Arts and Humanities
  • San Luis Economic Development Commission
  • San Luis Economic Development Corporation
  • San Luis Facility Development Corporation
  • San Luis Municipal Property Corporation
  • San Luis Police Activities and Athletics League, Inc.
  • San Luis Public Health Commission