Policies & Regulations

Terminating Services
Services may be terminated at customer’s request or by city’s initiative. All customers need to request services to be terminated if services will no longer be needed at property to avoid unnecessary charges. The city will close account and services as requested by customer. A tenant should request services be terminated as soon as property is vacated to avoid unnecessary charges and deposit applied to account or refunded to customer.

Unpaid Dues & Security Deposits

Any remaining balance due on account will be deducted from security deposit and you will receive a final bill with details of account. If the account has a remaining security deposit, a check will be issued and mailed to last known address.

Updating Mailing Address
If your mailing address will different than what is on your account, please fill out the Change of Mailing Address Form (PDF) to notify the department of your forwarding address. Only the account holder is authorized to request a mailing address change.

Changing Customer Name
Adding a Second Name or if Customer Passes Away
Adding a second name or if change is due to death of account holder, this type of request is considered as establishing a new account. You must fill out the New Utility Contract Form (PDF) to add a second name.

Change or Remove Name Due to Death, Marriage, or Divorce
Fill out and sign form and return the following information by fax or email:
  • Copy of document such as marriage certificate, death decree, or death certificate
  • Telephone number
Service Interruption
If your account is delinquent and your service is scheduled for disconnection or has been interrupted or disconnected, you must call and/or make your payment during normal business hours at 928-341-8570. Opening water meter is illegal, this is considered tampering with city property and you will be cited. Payments made through a bill payment service can take up to 3-5 days before it is received and posted to your account.

Delinquent Accounts
Should all or any portion of a bill which remain unpaid on or about the 15th day of the following month, a Delinquent Notice will be mailed and/or delivered to physical address as a reminder that the account has a past due amount and service will be interrupted if payment or payment arrangement is not made by date on notice.

Tampering With Meters
Per City of San Luis Ordinance No. 79, Section 11-6-4 B: "It is unlawful for any person to break or remove a seal, or willfully injure or destroy a meter or for any person, other than a city official, to destroy or injure any meter box, or place refuse or debris therein."

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