Community & Residential Services

  1. Border Wait Time

    View the border wait time for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, or pedestrians.

  2. Development Services

    Development Services oversees the Licensing Division as well as the Planning and Zoning Division.

  3. Licenses & Permits

    Apply for a business license, transportation license, and more with the San Luis Licensing Division.

  4. Public Record Request

    Request a copy or inspection of a public record through the City Clerk's Office.

  5. Report a Question or Concern

    Fill out this online form for any question, concern or suggestion for the City of San Luis.

  6. Senior Services

    The Senior Services Department offers educational courses, daily activities and classes, as well as transportation for the San Luis senior residents.

  7. Zoning & Land Use

    Check out the zoning map, view the zoning ordinance, or apply for land use for the City of San Luis.

  8. Policies