San Luis Economic Development Comission


The mission of the San Luis Economic Development Commission is to promote sustainable and economic growth through economic development programs, partnerships, and innovative opportunities to create quality jobs and expand the commercial and industrial tax base.

To support this mission, the Commission will:

  • Work with key staff of the Department of Community Development in participating in the creation of an economic development strategic plan and recommending the adoption of the plan to the San Luis City Council;
  • Serve as an advisory board to the San Luis Business Incubator and recommend potential tenants;
  • Review significant projects as determined by the Community Development Department for recommendation to the San Luis City Council;
  • Provide a forum through which businesses, government, and education leaders meet to debate and exchange ideas; 
  • Review and recommend changes to the economic development strategic plan on an annual basis;
  • Provide support and advise to the Community Development Department;
  • Monitor and evaluate year-over-year changes in employment, commercial and industrial tax base.


  • Vacancies will be advertised in accordance with the San Luis City Council standards and accepted process for advertising vacancies to the appointed commissions, committees and boards.
  • Letters of interest, applications, and/or resumes will be submitted to and tracked by the Community Development Department.
  • Members of the Economic Development Advisory Commission are encouraged to foster interest among community members in applying for vacancies.
  • Community Development Director will review applications to ensure they meet advertised vacancy qualifications.
  • Letters of interest/resumes/applications will be sent to the Economic Development Commission advisory board for review and recommendation to the San Luis City Council.
  • Members of the San Luis City Council will nominate individuals to the SLEDC.
  • Confirmations will typically occur at the following San Luis City Council meeting.
  • New members will received an appointment letter from the Community Development Department.
  • Members of the SLEDC serve at the pleasure of the council and can be removed by city council