Finance Department 

1090 E Union St
PO Box 7740
San Luis, AZ 85349


Name Title Email Phone
Cifuentes, Angelica Purchasing Agent III
Cortes, Carlos Assistant Finance Director 928-341-8543
Dominguez, Maggie Accounting Specialist 928-341-8553
Encinas, Roula Accountant 928-341-8534
Castro, Angelica Contracts and Grants Coordinator 928-341-8553
Luna, Debora Accountant 928-341-8546
Ramirez, Miguel Accountant 928-341-8573

1090 E. Union St.
San Luis, AZ 85349

P.O. Box 3750
San Luis, AZ 85349



Link: Billing and Collections

Name Title Email Phone
Perez, Jorge Billing & Collections Manager 928-341-8570
Hernandez, Ibett Accounting Specialist 928-341-8570
Reyes, Luz Accounting Specialist 928-341-8570
Munoz, Maria Customer Service Representative 928-341-8570
Henderson, Cynthia Customer Service Representative 928-341-8570
Castillo, Juan Meter Reader Technician 928-341-8570
Velasco, Ivan Meter Reader 928-341-8570
Foster, Melissa Meter Reader Technician 928-341-8570
Martinez, Tadeo Office Assistant 928-341-8570

Risk Management 


Name Title Email Phone
Catania, Andrea Risk Manager 928-341-8552