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Photo Gallery

  1. All
  2. 2018 Kickball Inauguration Ceremony
  3. Algodoneros at City Hall
  4. Algodoneros vs Marineros Baseball Game
  5. AMC Summit 2018
  6. Arte en la Calle 2018
  7. AZDOT Meets for Modernization of SLPOE with SLRC
  8. Budget Retreat 2018
  9. Cesar Chavez Somerton March
  10. Congressman Grijalva Press Conf. New Farm Work
  11. CSF's Justicia March for César Chávez Day
  12. Cultural Center Instructors Posada
  13. Dia del Niño 2018
  14. DIF Uniendo Esfuerzos Thank You Dinner
  15. Douglas Visit to San Luis
  16. Employee Picnic 2018
  17. Employee Recognition at Regular Council Meeting
  18. Foro Regional de Medio Ambiente 2018
  19. Fourth of July Freedom Celebration 2018
  20. Ground Breaking International Plaza I
  21. Ground Breaking of Centennial Park
  22. Ground Breaking Union 4th to 6th
  23. Las Brisas Apartment Grand Opening
  24. Las Brisas Park Ribbon Cutting
  25. Lights Parade
  26. Long Realty Ribbon Cutting
  1. Los Tigres vs Algodoneros Baseball Game
  2. Los Tigres vs Algodoneros Press Conference
  3. Mascota Mania 2018
  4. Mayor Nicholls of Yuma Inauguration
  5. McDonald's Grand Opening
  6. Mega Yard Sale 2018
  7. New LED Sign Ribbon Cutting
  8. POE Strategy Meeting
  9. Presentación de los Algodoneros de San Luis 2018
  10. Public Works Week Event 2018
  11. Recognition of Chief Green's 11th Year of Service
  12. Rep. Grijalva Press Conference Overtime Pay
  13. RL Jones Inauguration
  14. San Luis LPOE Improving Community
  15. Senior Center Dia Del Amor Lunch
  16. Senior Center Father's Day
  17. Senior Center Mother's Day Celebration
  18. Senior Center Posada
  19. SLRC Downtown Expo Tour
  20. Sonora-Arizona Mega Region Summit
  21. South County Awards 2018
  22. Tree Lighting Ceremony
  23. Vice Mayor Ramos reads at Harvest Prep.
  24. William Brooks Ave. Dedication Ceremony
  25. Youth Baseball Championship 2018